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Hook Ya Crook

It is quite an unusual cast combination. But then, director David Dhawan is thinking out of the box for his next movie.

The film, titled Hook Ya Crook , will be a departure from Dhawan's typical style of slapstick comedies. The movie will be a thriller, a comedy and a romantic tale, all rolled into one.

So far, two actors have been finalized: Amrita Rao and Siddharth (who played the rich guy in Rang De Basanti ). The movie's main actor is yet to be finalized. Reports have it that Dhawan is thinking of signing either Sanjay Dutt or Nana Patekar.

The movie will be produced under the banner of UTV films. Its script is written by Rensil DeSilva. The film's plot will also have a cricket angle.

'Hook Ya Crook' is likely to go on the floors in the early half of 2007.

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 Nigeria   dlyjvlvw from  YSvzRQVQL, Nigeria

Fave Movie: My Name is Anthony Gonsalves

3:16 pm, Sat 08th Jun 2013

3WJv4y qzuppmjjgkkq

 Sao_tome   Jizelle from  HBMnfyqTgbjE, Sao_tome

Fave Movie: My Name is Anthony Gonsalves

3:50 pm, Wed 05th Jun 2013

- Being in business, I see all sorts of phrpogoathic styles, and I am by far, most impressed with yours. You have captured not only wonderful memories for Deanna and Robert, but you have captured their personalities also. I would never hesitate to recommend you to a client. I certainly look forward to working with you again.

 India   Arun Patel from  Allahabad up, India

Fave Movie: Vivah

10:05 pm, Fri 25th May 2012

Amrita rao i am very vey big fan of you
i like you very much and i am crazy about you
your moovie is not comming please tell me if you are busy in any coming moovie

your fan
Arun Patel

 Poland   tvwrtkttxol from  LjOnEfiobZDhlDd, Poland

Fave Movie: Athidi

11:10 am, Wed 25th Apr 2012

Q5xJxi ysvkfgaqblry

 Jordan   mykscfkelnu from  zmffLQSIp, Jordan

Fave Movie: Short Kut

6:06 am, Tue 24th Apr 2012

e6Qz5N zcbbpoigapey

 Pakistan   Mabrook from  YTKTYdaA, Pakistan

Fave Movie: Masti

7:40 pm, Mon 23rd Apr 2012

1st to post yeaaah1. You were snewod in (snow), wanted to design blog u were inspired by a drink your dad made for you which had colours that are awesome,its softness and chunky ice In it u then thought of adding flowery bits to it cos u like girliness(if its a word..lol)/ girly stuff and With a lil help from buddy Kyle hey presto we get a lovely blog.2. B u dont use MAC foundation bit cakey for you.3. November ( yep you turn 30)

 India   raju khan from  jashma, India

Fave Movie: Vivah

2:46 am, Tue 05th Oct 2010

hi, amrita
i like u
i miss u
i kiss u
and so




love u

you will be merry me amrita

 Pakistan   zainu from  karachi, Pakistan

Fave Movie: Ab Ke Baras

8:45 am, Sat 02nd Oct 2010

i like ur movie abbb ki baras ....u were looking great on that movie

 Pakistan   zainu from  karachi, Pakistan

Fave Movie: Ab Ke Baras

8:44 am, Sat 02nd Oct 2010

i like ur movie abbb ki baras ....u were looking great on that movie

 Pakistan   Waseem Jan from  Havelian, Pakistan

Fave Movie: Vivah

11:42 am, Wed 22nd Sep 2010

I Like Her Very Much In Vivah And Ishq Vishk.


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